S.H.Y Aviation

Visual Design, Design System, Motion Graphics for Website

In pursuit of its vision to become "the world's foremost client quotation and private flight booking platform," SHY Aviation embarked on a transformative journey. Their brokers and users previously relied on various messaging apps to manage quotes and bookings. Tasked with engineering a platform that would metamorphose their manual business model into a fully automated and seamlessly integrated system. This ambitious undertaking involved the migration of numerous functionalities from multiple third-party systems to SHY's proprietary database and platform, liberating their brokers to focus on delivering the service excellence and personalised experiences demanded by their discerning clientele.

SHY Aviation aspired to defy industry conventions with a groundbreaking website that set them apart from the clichéd landscape of private aviation sites. We took up the challenge of redefining industry norms, crafting a sophisticated and innovative visual identity for SHY that not only outshone competitors but also harmonised with the intricate complexity of the platform we meticulously conceived and constructed.

To fully immerse myself in luxury aviation, I ventured beyond the confines of aviation alone. I meticulously examined the aesthetics and ambience of various 'luxury' items, researching esteemed brands such as Tesla, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

The primary goal was to uncover commonalities and unique elements that defied conventional design norms, allowing me to understand luxury comprehensively across three influential industries: Automotive, Fashion, and Travel.

We embarked on a journey of meticulous dissection and comprehension of the essence of luxury, drawing inspiration from the aviation industry and the realms of high-end automotive, fashion, and travel.

The purpose of this was to uncover commonalities as well as designs that defied conventional design norms which in time helped to infuse opulence, sophistication, and exclusivity into every aspect of the UI. 

The outcome is a digital experience spanning simply not only a website, but a complex booking system, into dual branding with the likes of Manchester United right into the sister business SHY Lifestyle all of which mirrors the unparalleled luxury of the brand, creating a seamless and visually captivating interface that transcends the ordinary and elevates the user's interaction with the brand to a genuinely luxurious level.

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